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File rescue

Simply send us the file you are working on (see list below for supported file types) along with any special instructions and we will start work right away. Our normal turn round for File Rescue requests is 24 hours on any working weekday.

On completion we will load your file on to the system where it can be found in your Saved Projects folder. It is important that we use the same login details as you do to ensure that you can access the file.

At that stage there are really on two important things you need to do to process the order.

»  Choose the quantity required, and …

»  Very carefully check your online proof to ensure that the file conversion process has not distorted the content in any way. If you are entirely happy that everything is as it should be you are free to approve the online proof and proceed to payment.


Design Rescue can accept the following document types:

»  Adobe Acrobat PDF
»  EPS and TIFF
»  Powerpoint (PC)
»  Excel (PC)
»  Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop (up to CS4)
»  Publisher (PC - up to 2003)
»  Open Office Word (PC)

If you need Design Rescue for a file type not listed here please email our technical support team for assistance.


What We Will Do:

  1. Prepare your file ready for upload
  2. Save it in an appropriate format supported by the miPage system
  3. Reduce the file size so that it is under the 10Mb maximum allowed by the system
  4. Change the colour settings if required. For longer print runs it may be necessary to change the file colour settings from RGB to CMYK (please see our Consumer Awareness Guide No. 7 which explains colour in more detail – Guides can be downloaded from our Home Page)
  5. Upload your file for you. We will leave the file in your Saved Projects folder allowing you to complete the remaining steps through to order. At that stage there are only two important things to watch: check the quantity required and very carefully check your online proof.
  6. To allow us to access the system on your behalf please supply us with your Username and Password login details

What We Won’t Do

  1. Add, remove or amend the page content in any way
  2. Change the page size unless you specifically request us to do so to fit the template of your choice
  3. Incur any extra costs without your prior agreement


The basic cost of our File Rescue is £39.50 + vat. If more work than normal is required to achieve upload ready status we will notify you immediately. If required, additional work is charged at £13.12 + vat per 15 minutes but will not be incurred without your prior agreement.

On acceptance we will email you a Pro Forma invoice and our accounts department will contact you to process the payment.


File Rescue

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Design & File Rescue
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