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Simply send us the file you are working on and our design team will apply some creative inspiration to your dream.

What we need from you is a draft document to show us where you are up to. And a note about what you are trying to achieve along with your text and any images in electronic format. Images must be high resolution and a minimum of 300dpi. Screen grabs from the net won’t do! They may look sort of ok on screen but when printed they will appear blurred and bitty and you won’t be happy with the result.

The cost of Design Rescue starts at £52.50 + vat. Additional work, if required, is charged at £26.25 + vat for each additional 30 minutes. On acceptance we will email you a Pro Forma invoice and our accounts department will contact you to process the payment.

Design doesn’t “just happen” – it evolves. Hence the time based cost.

In any event, we will provide a quote for the work required before we start work. Only if you are completely happy to proceed will we begin work on your project. If you would like us to purchase library images as part of the design project then the cost of their purchase will be included in the quotation.

On completion we will upload your file to your Saved Projects folder for you leaving you free to complete the remaining steps through to order.

Oh, and don’t forget to let us have your Username and password login details for us to access the system on your behalf.


Design Rescue can accept the following document types:

»  Adobe Acrobat PDF
»  EPS and TIFF
»  Powerpoint (PC)
»  Excel (PC)
»  Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop (up to CS4)
»  Publisher (PC - up to 2003)
»  Open Office Word (PC)

If you need File Rescue for a file type not listed here please email our technical support team for assistance.

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Design & File Rescue
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